Currently our system includes 30,0000+ products by 5000+ vendors and 99 ecolabels.
We're adding more all the time. Contact us to have your company included!
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Discover and compare products.

Not all products are created equally. And not all sustainable business practices have the same impact. We show you the most important areas of  green,
 ethical, and  local-focus for specific product categories (such as paper, or coffee) throughout its entire life.

Learn how it's made.

ProductBio decodes product information for you. ProductBio automatically digests data from ecolabels, CSR reports, SEC filings, material data safety sheets, and other reliable sustainability sources so you don’t have to. Then we organize it into meaningful stories so you can clearly understand and compare how things are made.


Utilize our tools to easily align purchasing with
 green,  ethical, and  local regulatory requirements. Save thousands of hours per year.

Product Vendor
or Manufacturer?

Use our [free!] on-package, in-store, or online-embeddable labels to communicate your sustainability practices to your customers. They're auto-generated, info-designed, and super-visual so they capture a lot of attention.