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Who We Are

ProductBio was founded with a green vision toward seamless sustainability management by creating and incentivizing an entirely new and valuable market for a more transparent, equitable, and conscious economy. 

For the last 10 years, we have been gathering, building, structuring, testing and validating the world's largest ESG database from the ground up.  Our uniquely differentiated approach makes sustainability and climate commitments possible with AI-enabled data science approaches not available elsewhere. By starting at the most granular process levels of any product's supply chain and materials, we provide clients with the most reliable business-level activity and net impact analysis.

Our first product worked to influence purchase decisions being made in US cities toward a more sustainable future.  From 2016 - 2021, ProductBio successfully provided product upgrades to cities, schools, and businesses, servicing over 28 municipalities to help steward more than $2.6 billion in taxpayer procurement spend across the country toward ESG targets and greener supply chain practices representing on average an increase of 8~20% total increase in green spending per city. 


We will be launching our next suite of products and services to expand our sustainability offerings for businesses of all sizes. Stay tuned! 

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Who Are We
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