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True Value Engineering

TVE is a powerful tool for improving supply chain practices, meaning it allows manufacturers to easily alter production practices and improve sustainability impact performance.

F(x) Reconciling cost with sustainability to find value.

"True Value Engineering" gives us a way to reconcile cost with sustainability ROI. Drawn from fixed and variable costs associated with materials and work yields true value drivers that justify “green” premiums in terms of “impact offset per dollar” metrics to optimize sustainability ROI

TVE's "8 to be Great" is a family of top 8 best production practices found in the supply chains of made things, such as foods, goods, and services. These best practices are the value drivers responsible most for sustainability and are derived from checklists of ecolabeling agencies and certifying bodies that had previously evaluated products from a particular category. 


  • For Manufacturers:  They are used to compare with and replace current production practices from similar product categories for better efficiency at addressing sustainability for the same or less cost in terms of impact offsets per dollar during product re-designs, or supply chain optimizations by manufacturers.

  • For Purchasers:  

  • For Investors:


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